Diamond fancy

Lab-made fancy color diamonds give jewelry designers a certain amount of freedom.

If an incredible collection is conceived with a large number of natural diamonds in rare fancy colors, then its cost will be colossal. The same collection of lab-grown diamonds will cost less.

Even if the budget of the jeweler or the customer is not limited, then the selection of natural stones in the right quality, color and cut can take a very long period of time (up to several years). Lab diamonds provide a good alternative. They can be grown to your desired color, clarity, and cut. Terms of cultivation and preparation of stones in all respects are also clear in advance. From this point of view, the Diamond Trading House “Jörmungand”, as an official representative of a group of factories producing colored laboratory diamonds, is ready to cooperate in the production of laboratory diamonds of the colors you need: yellow, pink, blue, green.

Laboratory diamonds allow you to quickly respond to changing tastes and preferences of customers, to new requests that meet the bright and fleeting fashion trends. We do not always want to see the strict classical forms of the rings of our grandmothers’ time. Bright trendy designs, trendy shapes, innovative solutions, experiments – all this is best used with laboratory diamonds for mood jewelry to shine in them and enjoy here and now every day. With these stones, you can create new pages in the history of jewelry fashion, setting current trends and standing out from other jewelry brands.

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